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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The LBL Soft Physics Group will study the physics of single particle distributions, azimuthal correlations, and two particle correlation functions from collision at RHIC energies. In order to gain information about the bulk properties of the collisions, we will focus on the kinematic region covered by the STAR TPC and the STAR MRPC TOF. We are studying/searching for the MATTER EoS with partonic degrees of freedom: partonic collectivity, thermalization, and the temperature for the system created at RHIC.

Results Publications
Name (Institution) Phone number eMail address
Grazyna Odyniec (lbl) (510)486-7128
Art Poskanzer (lbl) (510)486-5618
Andrew Rose (lbl) (510)495-2296
Hans Georg Ritter (lbl) (510)486-4138
ShuSu Shi (lbl/iopp) (510)486-5723
XiangMing Sun (lbl) (510)486-6983
Jim Thomas (lbl) (631)344-3918 (bnl) // (510)486-7561 (lbl)
vi Nham Tram (lbl) (510)495-2465
Nu Xu (lbl) (510)495-2951 (lbl) // (510)384-5112 (cell)
Xin Dong (lbl/USTC)
cv; Thesis(v.2); PRL; PLB
Magali Estienne (Nantes) (Nantes)
Kai Schweda (Heidelberg) +49 6221 54 9280
Sergei Voloshin (WSU) (313)577-1630 // (313)577-0711 (fax)
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Cora, (631)344-3908 (bnl, STAR) // Spatan Shuttle Service: (516)-928-5454
1998 lbl Soft Hadronic Physics Group Activity Summary
lbl working meeting, January 25-26, 2002
lbl Soft Hadronic Physics Group TPC Tracking Evaluations
Nu Xu (510)495-2951,