August 5, Sunday (Bldg. 50 Auditorium)

8:00 AM

8:50 AM

9:00 AM
James Symons (LBNL)

Session I: Jet Physics

Helio Takai (BNL)

9:10 AM
Gavin Salam (U. Jussieu)
Recent progress in defining and understanding jets
9:35 AM
Cyrille Marquet (BNL)
Mueller-Navelet jets at the Tevetran at LHC
10:00 AM
Andreas Morsch (CERN)
Jets in heavy ion collisions at LHC
10:25 AM
Kenichi Hatakeyama (Rockefeller U.)
Jet physics at CDF

10:50 AM
Open Discussions -  Refreshements provided

Carlos Salgado (La Sapienza)

11:10 AM
Nicola Coppola (DESY)
High-pT jets in DIS and photoproduction at HERA
11:35 AM
Rudy Hwa (Oregon U.)
Ridges and v2 without hydrodynamics
12:00 Noon
Leif Lonnblad (Lund U.)
Diffraction in the dipole cascade picture

12:25 PM
Working Lunch

Session II: Fluctuations and Correlations

Sandra Padula (Sao Paulo U.)

1:45 PM
Scott Pratt (MSU)
HBT overview
2:15 PM
Adrian Dumitru (FIAS)
The initial state for hydro at RHIC
2:40 PM
Gunther Roland (MIT)
v2 fluctuations at RHIC
3:05 PM
Marcus Bleicher (U. Frankfurt)
The effect of dynamical parton recombination on event-by-event fluctuations

3:30 PM
Open Discussions - Refreshments provided

Michal Sumbera (NPI, ASCR)

3:45 PM
Mike Lisa (Ohio State U.)
4:10 PM
Pawel Danielewicz (MSU)
An imaging overiew
4:35 PM
Paul Chung (SUNY Stony Brook)
Two-pion source-function extraction from SPS to RHIC
5:00 PM
Thomas Humanic (Ohio State U.)
Predictions for the LHC

5:30 PM
Dinner at Foothill

Session II: Fluctuations and Correlations (cont.) (Stern Hall)

Ron Soltz (LLNL)

7:30 PM
Boris Tomasik (Czech Tech. U.)
Spinodal decomposition and fluctuations of rapidity distributions
7:55 PM
Frederique Grassi (Sao Paulo U.)
The v2 flucturations in SPheRIO
8:20 PM
Gerald Miller (U. of Washington)
Final state interactions, Chiral symmetry restoration, and the RHIC HBT puzzle
8:55 PM
Adam Kisiel (Ohio State U.)
Update on STAR and therminator
9:20 PM
Mate Csanad (ELTE University)
HBT in Buda-Lund model