August 7, Tuesday (Bldg. 50 Auditorium)

Session V: Astroparticle Physics

Petra Huentemeyer (LANL)

8:45 AM
Kai Martens (U. of Utah)
Results from the HiRes experiment and observation of the GZK suppression
9:15 AM
Joao Torres de Mello Neto (UF do Rio de Janeiro)
Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
9:45 AM
Glennys Farrar (New York U.)
What can we conclude from UHECR observations?

10:15 AM
Open Discussions -  Refreshements provided

Tamas Csorgo (KFKI)

10:35 AM
Amanda Weinstein (UCLA)
Status and results of the VERITAS experiment
11:05 AM
Petra Huentemeyer (LANL)
Results from Milagro
11:35 AM
Steve Barwick (UC Irvine)
Results from Anita

12:00 Noon
Working Lunch