August 8, Wednesday (Bldg. 50 Auditorium)

Session VI: Particle Propagating in Dense Matter

Fuqiang Wang (Purdue U.)

8:45 AM
Jiangyong Jia (SUNY Stony Brook)
Probing the sQGP via dihadron correlations: jet quenching and medium response
9:15 AM
Jana Bielcikova (Yale U.)
Near-side di-hadron correlations at RHIC
9:45 AM
Carlos Salgado (La Sapienza)
Away-side modification and near-side ridge

10:15 AM
Open Discussions -  Refreshements provided

Photo Session

Igor M. Dremin (LPI)

10:50 AM
Justin Frantz (Columbia U.)
High-pT spectra and corelations of jets with other probes at RHIC
11:20 AM
Olga Barannikova (UIC)
Jet studies at RHIC via 2+1 correlations - exploring surface vs. volume effects
11:50 AM
Abhijit Majumder (Duke U.)
The study of dense matter through perturbative jet modification
12:20 PM
Enke Wang (IOPP)
A NLO analysis on fragility of di-hadron tomography in high-energy nuclear collisions

12:45 PM
Working Lunch

Jorge Casalderrey-Solana (LBNL)

2:00 PM
Stefan Kniege (Frankfurt U.)
Two- and three-particle correlations from SPS
2:30 PM
Jason Ulery (Purdue U.)
Three-particle correlations measurments at RHIC
3:00 PM
Joerg Ruppert (McGill U.)
Mach cone shock waves at RHIC

3:30 PM
Open Discussions - Refreshments provided

Jiangyong Jia (SUNY Stony Brook)

3:50 PM
Amos Yarom (Munich U.)
4:20 PM
Igor M. Dremin (LPI)
Cerenkov gluons
4:50 PM
Anne Sickles (BNL)
Identified particle correlations at RHIC: medium interactions and modified fragmentation
5:20 PM
Giulia Pancheri (INFN, Frascati)
Large rapidity gap survival probability from QCD mini-jets and soft resummation
5:40 PM
Krzysztof Fialkowski (Jagellonian U.)
On the electroproduction on nuclei

6:00 PM
Conference Dinner

Bruno Touschek and the Art of Physics
A documentary by L. Bonolis and E. Agapito, produced by INFN.
Dr. Giulia Pancheri will give an introduction to the video.