August 9, Thursday (Bldg. 50 Auditorium)

Session VII: Heavy Quark Production

William Gary (UC Riverside)

8:45 AM
Katja Krueger (U. Heidelberg)
Heavy flavor production in ep collisions
9:15 AM
Jorge Casalderrey-Solana (LBNL)
Heavy quark propagation in an AdS/CFT plasma
9:45 AM
Xin Dong (LBNL)
Open charm production in RHIC
10:15 AM
Tania Moulik (U. Kansas)
Recent b-hadron spectroscopy results from the Tevatron

10:45 AM
Open Discussions -  Refreshements provided

Christian Bauer (LBNL)

11:00 AM
Abigail Bickley (MSU)
If quarkonia could talk: from SPS to RHIC
11:30 AM
Bryan Fulsom (U. British Columbia)
New results in charmonium physics at BaBar
12:00 Noon
Che-Ming Ko (Texas A&M)
Thermal charm production at LHC

12:30 PM
Working Lunch

Elena Kokoulina (JINR)

2:00 PM
Ramona Vogt (LLNL)
Charm production cross-section versus energy
2:30 PM
Matteo Cacciari (U. Paris)
Heavy quark production
3:00 PM
Gennday Kozlov (JINR)
The extended model of the flux-tube phase transitions and deconfinement
3:25 PM
Wei-Liang Qian (Sao Paulo U.)
An approach to chemical freeze-out scenario of identified particle spectra at 200AGeV Au-Au collisions at RHIC
3:45 PM
Mikhail Tokarev (JINR)
High-pT spectra from RHIC and QCD test of z-scaling

4:05 PM
Open Discussions - Refreshments provided

Session VIII: Closing

Hannes Jung (DESY)

4:20 PM
Zhangbu Xu (BNL)
Conference Summary

5:00 PM