Jack Sandweiss

Heavy Ion Bremsstrahlung and Charge Stopping at RHIC


Bremsstrahlung in central heavy ion collisions at RHIC is measurable in a simple experiment. The intensity and angular distribution of the bremmsstrahlung can be shown to be directly related to the final rapidity distribution of the electric charges. For the photon energy range of the experiment (10 KeV to 200 KeV) all charges contribute coherently and the measurement is sensitive to the true net change of charge rapidity. The experiment can be carried out with the performance expected of RHIC at start up (1% of design luminosity)in a time of 6 weeks or so. The theoretical results (which correct some previous work) are published (Jeon, Kapusta, Chikanian, and Sandweiss, PR C, 58 (1666) 1998 and will be (briefly) reviewed. There are a number of subtle potential backgrounds for which solutions have been found. These will be also be (briefly) discussed.



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